Say “YES” to everything.

Saying yes

If you’re just starting out your career, changing careers or starting your own business you need to say “YES” to every single opportunity and experience. Say “YES” immediately and figure it out later.

You need to look at every encounter or experience as an opportunity to sell, self-promote and get noticed.

Saying “YES” to opportunities is different from being a people-pleaser, a doormat or victim. I’m not saying to get used by others or to constantly do your work for free. No. This is different. Read More

Why you need to SELL yourself and Self-Promote.

Selling 2

Selling is the art of persuasion, you’re inducing someone to buy something from you. To buy into your ideas, your product, your service, your brand and you. What’s wrong with that?  NOTHING. BUT damn, most women HATE selling. Just the idea of “selling” makes them feel uncomfortable.

Everywhere you go, you’re selling. And if you think you’re not selling, then someone is selling to you. (You’re being sold! and you don’t even realize it). Read More

Books I love – The Sell by Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik Eklund 2

Frekrick Eklund is the star of the hit show Million Dollar Listing New York. His 1st book is entitled The Sell: The Secrets of Selling Anything to Anyone, and is a New York Times bestseller.

I heard about Fredrik’s success in the real-estate business and had briefly seen an episode of Million Dollar Listing a few years ago. But when I saw his book at Indigo last month and noticed that the forward was written by Barbara Corcoran (one of the sharks on Sharks Den), I picked it up immediately. Read More

Why you need a pitch. (Everyone is selling something…)


Listen to me, stop being afraid of selling. Everyone is selling something to somebody every hour of the day all over the world. At Starbucks they’re trying to up-sell you with a food product to go along with your $6.00 latte.

At the gym they’re trying to up-sell you personal training, vitamins and protein shakes. At the mall you know you’re being sold as soon as you walk into Sephora. No explanation necessary.

So why do women have such resistance when it comes to selling ourselves, our talents, ideas or experiences?  Read More


Sales pitch

Developing an effective pitch or script is not unlike writing an essay. You must do 3 key things:

  • Grab my attention – PRESENT
  • Tell me your message – PERSUADE
  • Ask for the sale – WIN the sale

Use the template below to help script your perfect pitch. You must practice your pitch so that you control the conversation whenever opportunity strikes. Which is everywhere. Read More

What are you selling?   

Everyone is a salesperson. Whether you want to believe in it or not. I know that “teacher” or “designer” may have a better ring to it than “salesperson”, –but selling, the act of selling is a part of every single job, career or profession. And the sooner you get comfortable with selling, the sooner you can finally start achieving your dreams. Read More